Some people I dig:

Kristen Chenoweth

She is so spunky and makes me enjoy being short.

Amy Sedaris

Any person that goes out of their way to make themselves look ugly for comedy has my support. I can’t lie, I read David Sedaris books hoping he’ll mention her.

Steve Buscemi

He might be my first celeb “Omg, I love that you exist” person. Katie had designs for a museum-like shrine to me that we were going to have Buscemi be the tour guide for.

Jane Lynch

She has one of the most flawless straight-face deliveries of the most ridiculous lines. She seems to emanate confidence.

Colin Firth Mr. Darcy

Colin Firth is good and everything, but my god, give him mutton chops and make him brood and you’ve got a powerful combination.

Young Cary Elwes

Emphasis on young. It’s weird, a lot of guys get more attractive as they age, but he is the opposite. I had an accidental boyfriend that looked like a cross between him and Benedict Cumberbatch. Thing is I didn’t realize he thought we were dating until I apparently caught him cheating on me and he was lamenting our breaking up. Sorry, that was pretty off-topic.

  1. shaebay said: Older Cary Elwes is hot, too but in a completely different way. I love the story of the partial fat suit that Amy Sedaris had. <3
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